Social Selling

britt and brady are they dating If you are considering launching a social selling programme then I would be delighted to share with you my 5 years of experience in doing this myself, including launching one for 150 users in a global Professional Services firm.

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Use social to increase sales

source link Sales teams of today need to understand how they can leverage social to help make them more efficient through their sales process. I can offer one to one or full team training on how to leverage tools such as Linkedin and Sales Navigator to help increase pipeline and successful deal making.

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Organisational Enablement

source link Some refer to this as Sales Enablement, however, I believe this goes beyond sales. If you want help in understanding what your customer journey is from prospect to client and the journey they have to take through your organisation, then we should meet. I can help you understand where the internal tensions are and how efficiencies can be made to deliver a great customer experience & increased revenue through repeat or referral business as a result.